Solico Construction

Our mission, our vision and our values

Our mission

Fulfil the property needs of our clients by providing personalized, attentive service to build quality, unique properties exceeding the highest standards.

Our vision

Recognized new construction leader in the Greater National Capital Region.

Our values


Integrity, honesty and trust are the cornerstones of our values. They are the key to building excellent relations with our immediate partners including our clients, subcontractors, municipalities, etc. To learn more, visit our Testimonials page.


We know how important building a new property is to each of our clients and we promise that our team will always be dedicated and fully committed to your project from beginning to end. Giving 110% is a matter of respect for us. To learn more, visit our Commitment and Warranties page.

Respecting the environment

When it comes to the environment, everyone can make a difference. Even the smallest measure is important. That is why Solico Construction supports sustainable development and is proud to offer its clients a number of green solutions. Solico Construction also encourages building increasingly more energy-efficient homes. To learn more, visit our Ecostrong page.

Our team

Solico Construction is first and foremost a team – a dynamic team consisting of experienced, skilled, committed, dedicated and motivated professionals. It is the day-to-day commitment of all members of our team that enables us to offer our clients unique properties that reflect current trends and, more importantly, are of superior quality.

Solico Construction is constantly investing in continuous training for its team, ensuring that its human capital develops to its full potential in order to offer our clients the very best.

For our team, your trust and peace of mind are just as important as the quality of your property. Your satisfaction is, and will always be, our priority.

Quite simply, the Solico Construction team offers something different. It creates a unique purchasing, construction and after‑sales experience for its clients – an experience that is so pleasant and friendly that personal relationships are formed between clients and members of our team. And that is what makes the difference.

Why "Solico"?

“Solico” is derived from the combination of “Solid + Corporation”. It reflects the fundamental philosophy of a company built on a solid foundation. With an experienced team, the company builds excellent relations with its clients, business partners, suppliers, municipalities, banking institutions and others. These relations are the foundation of successful projects.

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