Our Commitment

Solico Construction knows that a client’s satisfaction is the best reward a company can receive. That is why we are committed to meeting agreed construction deadlines to ensure that our clients have peace of mind throughout the project.

Solico Construction is also committed to advancing innovation to better meet its client’s needs.

Lastly, we undertake to meet and even exceed building standards to ensure your new home is of superior quality. To learn more, visit the GUARANTEED QUALITY page.

Our Warranties

Solico Construction is committed to providing you with a quality product that meets the highest standards of the Guarantee Plan for New Residential Buildings (GCR). This warranty program is administered by Garantie de construction résidentielle, an independent organization that performs worksite inspections to ensure new construction meets current standards.

The GCR is a five-year warranty ensuring fulfilment of the initial agreement between the parties and the client’s overall satisfaction so that the entire project runs smoothly.

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