Some testimonials from customers and suppliers satisfied with their experience with Solico Construction

We’ve worked with Solico Construction for a few years now and have developed a very satisfactory business relationship! The Solico Construction team demonstrates strong professionalism and exceptional care.

It is a pleasure to be part of their team as a subcontractor!

Trussforce Inc. has been working with Solico Construction since 2012. As a supplier of roof trusses, steel posts and beams, we are proud to say that we have an excellent business relationship. It is always a pleasure to work with the Solico Construction staff because of their professionalism, availability and friendliness. We sincerely hope that this business relationship continues for many years to come.

Here is why I very much appreciated the services of Solico Construction for my custom four-plex project. From my very first meeting, the dynamic team was able to win my trust by listening to my needs. Their valuable advice enabled me to achieve my goals while staying within budget. Lastly, I am very satisfied with my project and I strongly recommend Solico Construction.

Bravo and thank you to the entire team!

Thank you to the entire Solico Construction team for meeting the needs of a client who is very satisfied with the results! The management of the project, your customer service and the quality of your product are outstanding!

I would like to thank the entire team …It was an enjoyable experience.

I am very satisfied! The Solico Construction team was there before, during and after! You will never go wrong choosing Solico Construction! By choosing them, you are choosing a quality team for a quality build.

We have already been in our new home for a year. For my husband and me, a house is more than wood walls, pretty cabinets, beautiful floors, etc. It is our home, the place where we will grow our family. Before deciding to build our first home, it was very important to us to visit a number of models offered by various construction companies. From our first meeting with the Solico Construction team, we were surprised by their professionalism, attentiveness and careful listening to our needs, the flexibility to do some of the work ourselves, such as painting, to reduce costs, the ability to make changes to the interior layout, the excellent quality of the interior and exterior materials, product selection, and all the extras in the house. That is why Solico Construction was our choice in the end. During construction of the house, Solico Construction worked with us, was very attentive to our concerns and made sure to eliminate any of our worries. The excellent after-sales service was there when we had questions after taking possession. For all these reasons, Solico Construction stands out from other construction companies. As clients, we are very pleased with our experience, and the quality and beauty of our home!

Thank you Solico.

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