Real estate investment

Why should you invest in real estate?

First, real estate remains one of the few investments providing a leverage opportunity by using financial institutions to finance your investment. It also offers strong tax advantages with the possibility of deducting mortgage interest and other rental‑related expenses. And, of course, you are earning ongoing monthly revenue while the value of your property appreciates.

Lastly, given current interest rates and the uncertainty in the stock market, investors are looking for a way to grow their investments while keeping them safe. The solution is simple: real estate!

Why invest in Gatineau?

The stability and strength of federal public service jobs play a key role in the real estate investment market in the Outaouais. The average income in the region is good and population growth remains strong. Despite their proximity, there is a real disparity in the price of properties in Ottawa and Gatineau. Many Ottawa residents choose to move (purchase or rent) to Gatineau because properties are much more affordable. This makes for a very favourable residential market in the region. Gatineau Park is a major tourist attraction for the City of Gatineau and a premier destination for sports and outdoor enthusiasts. The park covers 360 km2 and sees more than one million visitors annually, making it one of the most popular parks in Quebec.

These are all good reasons to invest in real estate in Gatineau with Solico Construction.

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